20 Sept, 2008




Arbeit Macht Frei    (SSS Auschwitz)

Ashes to ashes    (mini)     23 May, 2009

Bird of paradise

Black light    (LS Matti)     16 Dec, 2009

Black light (mini)     14 Sept, 2010

Broken dream    (DCC Anneli)

Cafe Bausch

Central Doublelligence Agency (mini)     14 Sept, 2010

Christer's dream

Crying wall (mini)     14 Sept, 2010

Das Leiden des alten Werthers    (DCC Midas)

Desert storm    (ACV Yasser)

Don't cry for you, Afganistan! (mini)     14 Sept, 2010

Drumsö-Drumsö-Drumsö    (CCF Nimby)      6.10.2011


First term monument    (USS George W, HMS Blur, WIV Blixt)

Goddammit, Charlie Brown!

Guilt    (HOC Mighty Master 1)

Half-reckless kind of a widower

Happy together (mini)      6.10.2011

Helsinki city planning monument (mini)     14 Sept, 2010

Helsinki - Harvard – Helsinki    (CCF Esko)

Helsinki traffic planning monument    (SCTC InSane Merchant)

Horse latitudes    (WPV Drifting Dutchman)

I, Queen of Africa?    (SY Tarja)

Ironclad (mini)     14 Sept, 2010

I want into a position with a difference    (PWS Paavo)

Joyriding    (THV Mauno)

King of the night    (OSV Ukko 1)

Lame deer

Love is a devil     (GCC Francis)

Love's advocate?    (LGT Janeman's field)

NDE exploring (mini)     14 Sept, 2010

On a health food diet?    (CC Anorexia)

Pacific ocean (mini)      6.10.2011

Rise, waters, rise!    (TASC Rainbow Worrier)

Second term monument    (USS Dick, USS Condoleezza, USS Donald)

Shikisankon (mini)     14 Sept, 2010

Special theory of relativity   (FDY Albert, FDY ALbert comma, DCC Fourth dimension)

   16 Dec, 2009

Steady, peaceful movement forward    (DCC Manu)

The Big E    (SS Elisabeth)

Two aids-de-camp and the presidential march    (HVC Juho Kusti)

Vatican press (mini)     14 Sept, 2010

Watchdog of the Atlantic    (ROU Pellegrina)

Westward ho!    (MPV Tero)

Yasser Arafat's choice    (FV Mara)