SS Elisabeth

A former (and the only female, wouldn't you know) minister of defence.  Ministered (in good co-operation with the generals, no doubt) the Finnish air force with the fighter plane of their choice, despite a higher price involved.  Became close having been the first-ever female president of the country.  At an early stage of her political career uttered words to that effect that she was just an ordinary granny from her native Kirkkonummi, west of Helsinki.  Believe it, if you can.




rannikkoristeilijä; pituus 68 cm; leveys 25 cm; korkeus 34 cm; uppouma 0,0163 t; valmistusvuosi 2005

coastal passenger cruiser; length 68 cm; beam 25 cm; height 34 cm; displacement 0,0163 t; year of delivery 2005;


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