LS Matti

If you think of the body language and eloquence of the former British prime minister John Major and add a touch of arrogance and complacency you have an idea of the character.  And as if this wasn't enough, he has given belittling comments on the value of freedom of speech and the nation's capital.  The latter point is not a surprise as his idea of community planning is scattering people around the country in villages and taking care of traffic with cars, excluding rail traffic and other public transportation.  All of this wouldn't matter that much, should he not happen to be the current prime minister of Finland.




majakkalaiva; pituus 28 cm; leveys 11 cm; korkeus 44 cm; uppouma 0,006 t; valmistusvuosi 2009

light ship; length 28 cm; beam 11 cm; height 44 cm; displacement 0,006 t; year of completion 2009


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