4 JUL, 2009

The main texts are in Finnish (and separated from the English version) but there is a short English abstract with each of the chapters.  The photo captions are in English only. 

The Finnish texts were written and proofread in 2003, for a book project, which did not reach the publishing stage as a book.  So here it is, as a net version.

The photos are in size 1000 pix across, and may take a while to load. They will normally appear in a size of approximately 800 pix but if you'd like to view them in a larger scale, just use the size tools on your browser (Ctrl + +/-).  To view an entire chapter you can also try reducing scale from the initial displayed.


      The basic properties of the Baltic Sea    3 Jun, 2009

1.    From the fury of the elements     4 Jun 2009

2.    Leading a life of an alga in the Baltic    9 Jun, 2009

3.    Life in the wrack forest    14 Jun, 2009

4.    In the realm of the sessiles    16 Jun, 2009 

5.    In between the islands    19 Jun, 2009 

6.    A face in the sand    23 Jun, 2009 

7.    Gone with the gobies    28 Jun 2009

8.    A touch of diversity    30 Jun, 2009

9.    Where are they from    2 Jul, 2009

10.  A messenger from far-away seas    4 Jul, 2009