ABCC            Alphabet carrier

ACV              Air-cushion vessel

APC              Armored Papal carrier

AV                Armored vessel

CC                Container carrier

CCF              Coastal car ferry

DCC              Dry cargo carrier

FV                 Fishing vessel

FDY               Floating dockyard

FR                 Flat roller

GCC              Generational curse carrier

HMS              Her Majesty's ship

HRC              Human remains carrier

HOC              Heavy ocean carrier

HVC              Heavy vehicle carrier

HVV              High visibility vessel

LGT               Liquefied gas tanker

LS                 Light ship

MPV              Multi-purpose vessel

OSV              Offshore support vessel

PWS              Paddle wheel ship

ROU              Republica Oriental de Uruguay

SCTC             Self-contained traffic collector

SS                  Steamship

SSS                Schutzstaffschiff

SWPV            Scientific whale processing vessel

SY                  Sailing yacht

TASC             Temporary animal survival carrier

THV               Twin-hull vessel

TTC                Twin tower carrier

TWPE             Arvaa!  /  Have a guess!

USS                 United States' ship

WIV                Weapons inspection vessel

WPV               Wind-powered vessel