There is contradictory information going around on the Trojan priest and his sons, beginning with whether he was a priest of Poseidon or Apollon.  Was the god offended for Laocoon warning the Trojans of the Horse, or was there something the priest had done to offend the god, even this sort of basic facts are not agreed upon.


But we know better: Sidiros is the god of ironing irons, and he sent a double-tentacled dnaconda to get rid of Laocoön, Antiphantes and Thymbraeus, just to keep reminding us all, which tentacles the steering of life on Earth depends on.

pituus 22 cm; leveys 35 cm; korkeus 52 cm; paino 17 kg; valmistunut 2021

length 22 cm; width 35 cm; height 52 cm; weight 17 kg; year 2021




   Ironing Irons