HRC Hatsepsut

She was a kind of a Margaret Thatcher of her time, not as contradictory but much more influential than her modern counterpart, considering the limitations of her times.  She didn't mind that originally she was supposed to be just the Pharaoh Regent for Thutmose III, who was only two years old at the time of her coming to power.  She outsourced warfare and concentrated on various extraordinary building projects.  She thought that, being a goddess, she was also the law but in due time she herself was overrun by relative of hers, the same half brother she had taken the power from.

Certainly the best known of the buildings of Hatsepsut was the mortuary temple for herself.  Her remains lay in the Valley of the Kings, inside the darknessa of the temple, while here she still sails in full light of the desert.


tomujenkuljetusalus; pituus 32 cm; leveys 8 cm; korkeus 15 cm; uppouma             0,003 t; valmistusvuosi 2021

human remains carrier; length 32 cm; beam 8 cm; height 15 cm; displacement 0,003 t; year of delivery 2021


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