This thing got out of hand in more than just one way.  The miniature sketch for it broke before completing the piece, which for this size of work means a lot of extra work; possibly.  I did surprise myself by finishing the piece at all, and even without too much hesitation and extra work.

The helmet of Hermes, as in classical statues of the God, and the helmets worn by the British soldiers in World War Two both inspired me but the idea was to make something completely different of it.  Although that didn't come true and it turned out to be more classical than intended, there is a hint of future sculptures to come.  But I won't say anything more about it at this time.  You will see, in due time.


pituus 31 cm; leveys 43 cm; korkeus 37 cm; paino 13 kg; valmistunut 2017

length  cm; width  cm; height  cm; weight  kg; year 2017