Bob Dylanille / for Bob Dylan

pituus cm; leveys cm; korkeus cm; paino kg; valmistunut 2017

What can one say about the 2016 Nobel Prize winner in literature, that has not been said already.  Though he was, and is, for many the voice of his generation and one of the top figures of popular music, both of last century and this, he's never accepted himself as a role model of any kind.  It's easy to take this as a sign of arrogance but one does get an impression that, amidst all the publicity, he has remained true to his basic character of a lonely rider.  At least this is the impression one gets from afar.

Perhaps it's revealing that in one of the films on his life, I'm Not There, his character is played by 7 different people.  It's hard to know what Bob Dylan is about and he's certainly been able to surprise even his admirers several times during his life.

length  cm; width  cm; height  cm; weight  kg; year 2017



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