T-Y-S-T-N-A-D  (Silence)


ABCC Gravkulla I

In our neck of the woods non-disturbance is valued above all other things, it seems.  It doesn't matter what you do and how, as long as it doesn't disturb anyone's peace of mind. 
The administration likes to give an appearance of open dialogue, which, in practice, means that you can say whatever you want but don't expect it to have any influence on the course of things.  The town officials are known to have held a meeting with the neighbourhood condos, not to be heard of again ever since.  They ask you to tell your opinion on the current planning of the central areas of the town, but when you do tell, it will only result in an eternal silence.  And the planning in general seems to aim at not irritating anyone, however insignificant the result may be as a consequence.
Many of the inhabitants seem to have adopted this attitude as well: there should not be any restaurant terraces in the center as this might result in people talking aloud in public.  There should not be any indoor spaces for gathering and spending time as this might result in the less desirable part of the population gathering there as well.  And the youth, God forbid, should not get sociable in the center but should, if absolutely necessary, do so in the woods.


lastialus; pituus 44 cm; leveys 11 cm; korkeus 22 cm; uppouma 0,010 t; valmistusvuosi 2017

cargo vessel; length 44 cm; beam 11 cm; height 22 cm; displacement 0,010 t; year of completion 2017

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